What are Digital Printing – Custom Feather Flags?

This is often confused with vinyl banner production, because the fabric flag printer looks a bit similar and digital printers operate in a similar way. So what are the benefits of Digital Printing for the production of custom feather flags (#1 economy source)?

#1 economy Custom Feather Flags

#1 economy Custom Feather Flags size height chart (image source : https://www.one-economy.com/custom-feather-flags/)

Digital printing is suitable for low volume production of custom feather flags.  It can be used to produce everything that screen printing can do plus more; especially for color photographic images that can be easily copied in one step. The required fabric material inventory is less because all colors including the background colors are produced by water proof inks (printed on clear or white vinyl).  Custom feather banners with multiple color background could easily be printed without extra setup cost.

However there still some disadvantages of using digital printing for feather flags custom printing! Due to the ink, the machine is generally much larger and require more space to setup, so it is not suitable for home use. However, Roland does produce quite small fabric flag printing machines; the machine and setup costs are much more expensive and expensive. In addition, you can’t change any banner print jobs after printing; if you don’t use high-quality artwork and high resolution, the quality can be poor.

How to Customize Feather Flags design online for different sizes?

Now that you have set up the printer for the production of the custom feather flags, the next big thing is to have your online shop ready for your customers to customize the feather banner design by themselves.  You might refer to #1 economy custom feather flags online design tool as a good example for how the feather flag design could be customized by the customer directly online.  You could also test try to customize different size of feather flags here : Large Size Custom Feather Banners and Extra Large Size Custom Feather Banners

What are Screen Printing – Custom Feather Banners?

This method of custom feather banner printing requires a high setup cost (artwork, then screen production) and is extremely troublesome and time consuming, making it difficult to work from home. Basic equipment can be purchased quite cheaply, but to be serious, you need a lot of investment.

The advantages to use screen printing for feather banners custom production are: Ideal long-distance running, the longer the running time, the more economical.  Also, multi-color results can be achieved by applying each color separately (using a carousel).

Disadvantages to use screen printing for custom feather flags production are:

  1. Not suitable for making photographic images;
  2. due to high installation costs, not suitable for small runs;
  3. very messy, not really suitable for home operation, except in a separate dedicated building/outhouse.