Basically anyone can buy a large format digital printer and get some fabric textile as print media, and jump start to produce a few feather flags for immediate sells. But turning this custom flags business into profit is where most people fail. This article provides some tips and hints on how to build a profitable feather banners online shop like, with the guidelines on pricing, overheads, advertising, income taxation and value added tax. If you follow the detailed recommendations here, there is absolutely no reason why you could not end up with running a successful profitable business.

The first thing to make your feather flag business profitable is to set up a correct is ‘pricing’. People who haven’t done business before often mistakenly think that if they buy something for $1 and sell it for $2, and they make a fortune. Running a feather flag online shop is not like this! Years ago, before I started my first feather flags business, I bought a small book called The Road to Wealth of Lazy People. If you are fortunate enough to see this publication, I advise you to get one.

One of the best suggestions in this book is: You must set up at least 3-1 mark up to make a profit.  In fact, you should better try to target for mark up more to ensure you are just running a business that could merely break even the cost. It is also important to calculate all your material costs (vinyl; application tape; application media) and your time.

It is not unreasonable to expect your overhead of your feather flags online shop could be as high as 50% of your turnover (although if you are still the only working from home and keep a good account, this can be reduced). Here are some calculations that show how different markups will affect your net profit. Obviously, these are all hypothetical, but still very interesting. It’s also worth noting that the more you keep your turnover away from the VAT threshold, the less your grief will be.

One good way to start up your own feather banners online shop is simply to purchase and resell feather flags : from They offer good discount for resellers, so you could keep more margins as your own profits even without mark up too much.  You could also simply resell stock feather flags here: