I have started two feather flag business, with very little investment, and they have established very profitable businesses so I have simply sold out the business. The first #1 economy feather flags shop I started long before all modern computer equipment and software were available.

The first feather flag shop was first started up in the old traditional way. Screen printing the banners (which requires expensive artwork and other setup costs).  Some production are done by cutting off letters such as acrylic, which requires very expensive equipment.  Since I don’t have any good hand craft skill and technique, I have to pay someone to do the work for me by combining all of the above.

Obviously, spending money to ask others to do this work has greatly reduced my profits on the feather banner business.  But fortunately, the  first plotter launched in the market, revolutionizing the entire industry. These are the forerunners of all the incredible custom banner machines of today, although the features at that time are very limited. This first model only cuts very small letters, and each font required must be purchased separately. The cost per font is about $200. The cost of these machines themselves is about $4,000. In addition, the vinyl can only be made from spandex, because this is perforated to fit the sprocket on the machine. But with the business I created, I can still buy one of the machines and a small amount The fonts come to make money.

Today, we are much luckier, because there are direct fabric printing machines, that you could simply print out any designs created on your computer.  This is far more powerful than the historical plotter.  The cost to start up is very low now, you can buy brand new cheap feather flag fabric printer in as low as $5,000 only.  Even though these entry-level machines could only print fabric in smaller width, it is good for the production of most custom feather banners which is usually 24″ wide. This means starting up for a profit with less than $5,000 in capital. Business is entirely possible, and because modern printers have not much print media restriction and low-cost fabric for flag banner is widely available from a variety of suppliers.

The potential to create a feather flags or other custom banner business with these printer is unlimited. I guarantee that even a small village, you could be able to get some sign business for any small shops, restaurants, churches or schools.  Not to mention millions of other business, events and outdoor advertising needs that consumes huge quantity of feather flags! These printers are also ready for all other banners printing business which you might think of.