Expanding and increasing the scale of your feather banners online shop business is full of problems and challenges. As the turnover increases, it becomes more difficult to work at home, which increases the operating cost of your feather flag business.

When your operating cost is increasing due to the business expansion or rapid increase of your feather flags sells, you need to increase your turnover further. This would in return means you may have to start hiring staff to take up the jobs (this is where your problem really starts). So outsource the production of the banners to a reliable feather flags (source: object-ID.com) manufacturer might be a more feasible and cost effective solutions to keep your own operating cost low.

The outsource business model could help to avoid the endless loop up of your operating cost, in order to catch up with more sells of your feather flags. Be reminded when you scale up your business in house, and shoot up the operating cost sharply, you will need to register for VAT (more questions), you will need a bigger place before you know it, and will have to borrow money to buy top-range feather flags printing machines and other production equipment.

There are always down period of any economic cycle, and the same up and down sales cycle would also appear in any business including your feather banner shop.  Just if you encounter a small recession, the feather flags order stops coming in, your expenses will exceed your income, you will lay off the staff, and leave a huge house, you can’t afford it, you are bankrupt!

In addition to outsourcing your custom feather flags printing to other manufacturers, you could also expand your business without adding any overheads by reselling stock feather flags.  The above mentioned iDe-signs is also a good wholesale source of stock feather flags (https://www.object-id.com/collections/stock-feather-flags).

I see this on many occasions the situation happened to the good guys. Of course, this may not happen in this situation. If you do this, you may earn absolute wealth and good luck. But in a nutshell, if you can still be a single trader working at home, you can compete for a very favorable ‘big boy’ (because you won’t have their overhead) and make a good Net Profit for your small feather banner shop, without having to worry about bankruptcy.